jeudi 30 octobre 2008

Diving @ Nelson Bay

Hey mates ! I didn't write since a while. The last three week-ends I was doing essentially only diving. I've got the open water license now and I went last week-end to a diving week-end organised by the university underwater club. It was at Nelson bay which is about 3 hours north from Sydney.

Nice weather, perfect house, nice people, good diving, what else can I say !?

The diving was not perfect because the visibility was low. However we saw a lot of fish, rays, and other. We even saw two small fish doing fights for territory... amazing ! Matt started to call me Jack (from Jacques Cousteau !) because of my very old school wet suit (+30 yr, from my father) was very fashion mwouahaahaha !

As the visibility was not at best we used the club's boat to travel from beach to beach with our organiser/captain Matt.

The bay is well know for dolphins watch. We saw them but they wasn't following our boat:

Paradise beach with a good pick-nick and a cold beer...

Very lazy pelicans waiting for the fishermans all day...

And finally we saw some whales from the coast.... very nice jumps ! One more great week-end !

2 commentaires:

  1. Mais c'est bon ça garçon !! Continue de me donner envie & je me raboule pr te mettre une ptite fessée !!
    Sympa la plongée mister je ne m'arrête jamais de faire du sport !! Profite ;o)

  2. On se réjouit de te voir en photo en combi old school! Marion va te tricoter une copie du célébre bonnet rouge de Jack.