jeudi 4 décembre 2008

Royal National Park

Hey mates ! I didn't posted new messages for a couple of weeks sorry about that. I was actually making a lot of canyoning and surfing and I had notting really new to say..

However last sunday was awsome, we spend the day at the Royal national park in the south of sydney with some brazilian friends. Fouwtchebowl !

The plan was to go surf at Garie beach which is in fact a small piece of paradise with such nice waves... I'm a beginner so I couldn't take much profit out of this but it was lot of fun for sure.

Garie Beach

Surfin' :)

After that a BBQ was the perfect thing to do. And Brazilians know to make it right. Caipirinha & Chicken hearts. This reminds me my mate Dédé telling me back in Switzerland that the Brazilian people are always eating chicken hearts.. and here apparently it is mostly used for dog food so it's really cheap in comparison to Brazil !

I can add another bird in my list: the Kookaburra. It makes such a silly noise, in particular when you are camping in the middle of nowhere in the early morning ! If you're curious about that check it there

A Kookaburra

Finaly, to digest, we jumped some nice cliffs near the sea. In fact is a kind of like where the sea water comes during the high tide, very nice and the water is hotter than the sea..