lundi 22 septembre 2008

Hey Mate !

Hey mate ! How are you doing ? Welcome to my blog.

I finally decided to use a blog to give news about my stay in Sydney... It will be mostly in English and I will try to feed it with the relevant facts, photos of my trips & activities.

Let's start with the beginning: the plane. About 26 hours reading Bill Bryson, try to find a good movie and waiting for the next dinner, breakfast or whatever... I left Geneva on September 2 and arrived in sydney early on september 4.

Although the weather was not was I expected, I was really happy to be in Sydney, new town, new people to meet, new things to discover... new Outdoor activities ! My hostel was directly on Coogee beach, on the east of sydney :

I guess the hostel was not the best, but what a pleasure to see the beach from the balcony on a early morning... Just what you need when you spend days looking at internet ads to find an accomodation. That was certainly not a really good time... I visited some flats with two bunk beds on the living room and some rooms with a double bed to be shared with someone else. Accomodation are really expensive in Sydney, a bit like in London: you have to pay your rent weekly.

However during this time I also bought a mountain bike to explore the city and to look for rooms in a more efficient manner. Doing Bike in Sydney CDB is a bit dangerous for bike newbies, but then it is really funny I think. Not much people are riding bike and the danger is to get catch by someone opening the door without looking.

There is a lot of beach on the city coast. The university is on the south part, were you can find the well known Bondi Beach, Bronte beach (where I took the picture below), Coogee beach and finally Maroubra beach, where I live more or less, but that's another story.

2 commentaires:

  1. Cool cool tout ça !
    La prochaine photo de surf on veux te voir dessus ! Et je commencerai à être jaloux aussi ;-)

  2. tu te rends même pas compte combien me coûte ce message:-)
    profite bien...enfin je veux dire au boulot bien sûr!!:-)
    sinon le top du top, ce de te voir sur le Ayers Rock avec un surf...là je serai jaloux!!